The Department for Work and Pensions have no geographic numbers an that means benefit claimants an potential claimants will have to pay more to call them on 0845 numbers. This is especially unfair as a proportion of the calls are likely to relate to errors made by the Department.

I do welcome the fact that the number for crisis is an 0800 number but many people in real financial difficulties may be trying to call using mobiles and on some networks 0800 calls are very expensive. I would urge the DWP to ensure they can provide a geographic alternative to all non-geographic numbers to make life just a little easier for people who have lost their jobs during the recession.

Request for telephone numbers

2 thoughts on “DWP is letting down people on benefits

  1. i have been trying desperately to find a fax or email address for belfast benefit delivery centre, if you have one please let me know

  2. unfortunately pigs are more likely to start flying first before they would even consider changing the current telephone number to a 0800 one because as always these companies tend to put profit before anything else.
    I was forced to phone a 0845 number that is dundee based and no doubt that will cause my previously £0.00 phone bill to increase…not immensely I hope but it will no doubt amount to more than £1 ;(


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